Autumn Home Decor and Life Update

 Now if you follow me on Instagram it'll be no secret to you what so ever that I am obsessed with Autumn. It is my all time favourite time of year. Its all the colours that appear and freshness in the air.  Its the time of year that Pumpkins become heavily featured in peoples homes... including mine. Pumpkin spiced anything and everything is left right and centre. The smell of bonfires in the air. it's bliss.

 I know that it's not everyones cup of tea and I'm so glad I'm in a relationship with someone likes all of these OTT things I do around the place. We're currently live in a flat and I have still put pumpkins outside the front door (I'm desperate for front porch steps, if your didn't know already.) there's only one other person that lives on our floor.. I bloody hope she looks at them at least once. Even if she does think I'm bat shit crazy. I'm totally ok with that!! 

In the last 8 Months I've moved twice, I've moved out of my house I was renting by myself, which became incredulity hard to run alone, it was doable don't get me wrong, I just never had any money left at the end of the month to put into savings. I would like buy a house by the time I'm 30.. that's 3 years away. I just didn't see that happening living alone so I opted for the one thing I never thought I'd do again and that was to move back into my parents. and boy did I do that just in the nick of time. Perfectly timed with lock down. meaning I didn't have to worry about paying all my house bills, I just had my car to run, which I wasn't using because ... well... lock down... so that was pretty cheap to run over 4 months. I know there was a lot of people who struggled massively during this time. I am incredibly lucky to say that I've come out of this stronger. I managed to save a good chunk of money which, all being well be a good little amount to but down a deposit for a house with my partner by May next year. 

Yes, I did say partner. He's not been mentioned on here before but you'll hear a lot more from here on out. So if you didn't guess it already.. this was my second move in 8 months. Sometimes when you meet someone, you just know. I actually feel like I have known this man for years when in fact its been a few months.  He says he likes my little touches around the place but we shall see what he says when Christmas comes round. I feel like all these little Autumn decor bits make it feel more homey and having moved twice in a short time frame I haven't really like I've had a "home" as such. living in my parents house that's their house, their home and it has alll their things in it, I had moved out for 8 years previously so nothing there was mine even my old bedroom had been redecorated and I don't blame them, I would have done the same. I'm desperately looking forward to us getting our own place next year seeing as I moved into his place. 

I'll stop rambling now, for your sanity and show you a few of the little bits that I have popped around the place, We all know the good old munchkins pumpkins and squashed that become decor when it come to this time of year and they do actually last quite a while unlike actual pumpkins that's the start to decay after about 3 weeks. I have moved them around a few times, I made a little display on the top of the fridge with them, they also had a little spot on the door mat for a little while though they now have a home with some bigger pumpkins and that's potentially where they may stay, for now at least. 

This photo shows off a lot of my favs, my orange checked blanket which is from Matalan, I brought it few years ago but I can confirm that they have them again this year and for only £6 you can't really leave it behind. I have the yellow version of it too and I'm tempted to go back and pick up the red one. I think it'll make a good addition to my collection and come in hand for a few Christmas flat lays. 

My little Foxy socks that I am obsessed with, which are really cosy and warm. and super cute, they've got foxes of crying out loud!! I have had them a while though and I'm not too sure I could even tell you where I got them from! 

The leaf garland that I have by the TV is a new addition to the Autumn collection and I did get a little impatient with the placement of it and working my fairy lights into it so I have Mike to thank for that and I love how he did it. This is how I know he doesn't mind about these little extras because he helps to make them look better. And I'm waiting on Autumn Wreath to arrive in the post, so keep your eyes peeled on My Home Insta Account for that one. 

This little cutie is from Home Bargains this year,  he's a little wax melt burner and I love him.  I love lighting him up in the evening and he just just a perfect little addition the living room in an evening he just sits there an smiles at you.

Our Little Pumpkin Collection 

Ft. haunted house tea lights from home bargains a few years ago. I don't know about you guys but I bloody stuggled this year to find Autumn/ halloween home decor bits. TK Max is my normal go to place but when I went in this year I actually found nothing not even any candles. It was all Christmas. I know Halloween is pretty much a right off this year in terms of partys and Trick or Treating, but jeez people still like these little bits and little normality might actually be nice rather than completely boycotting it.  Or is it just me it bothers...? 

"Trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go" 



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