Autumn Walks

 This time of year is my favourite. And one of the things at the top of my list to do is to go on as many Autumn walks as I possibly can.. Particularly in forests or my local park which is particularly beautiful this time of year. Paths completely lined with trees and covered in a blanket of different shades of orange and red. 

Theres just something so peaceful and calming about walking through a forest even if you don't have any sense of direction. The last walk we went on a walk and we weren't to sure which way to go and we'd left it quite late on in the day to go out and typically here in England it starts to get dark about 6/7ish about this time of year so we didn't fancy walking till we came out some where so we borderline stalked a couple of dog walkers because we figured they come here a lot and they know where they are going.. it was a wise idea. 

But one thing I love most of all is knowing Ive found someone that loves these kind of walks just as much as me. I can not stress enough how much happier I am mentally and physically this year. With a better job which allows me to have more me time than before. It means I have more energy come my days off which means I want to go out and do more things and explore. Even more so with this one by my side. The first time we met we went for a walk up Haughmond Hill, It is utterly beautiful up there it really is. One thing that made me fall in love this man is his complete and utter lack of sense of direction... adamant he knew where he was going (me being me .. I trusted him) we ended up walking up this bike track at what felt like a 90 degrees incline. Me panting behind him but doing me up most not to seem like I was as un fit as I really am, trying to play cool ya know,,, But it was all so worth it for when got to the top, we could see for miles and to me that was just a perfect date, watching the views while laughing and talking. It was my idea of perfection. 




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