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Girls, we know how hard is to find a good shampoo and conditioner. I know I've struggled my self, I've been blonde for a long as I can remember and it's no secret that its not my natural hair colour. So sometimes my hair just needs a little extra TLC. Seeing as this my 3rd purchase of Function of Beauty ... yes 3rd!! I thought I'd do a little review. spoiler alert ~ I'm just in love with the stuff.

It's an unbelievably easy process to personalise your shampoo and conditioner to your hair type and what you want from it, a few quick questions about your hair type and your hair goals. Here's what I chose... 

Profile ~
Hair Type: Straight, Hair Structure: Medium Scalp Moisture: Normal 
Goals ~
Fix split ends, lengthen, replenish hair, strengthen + volumize 
Fragrance ~ 
Cherry bl(awesome) + Strong

I know I'm lucky one to have naturally straight hair, I get told regularly that I am. but the moment my hair gets a little greasy you can tell (dry shampoo is my best friend) and the same when I don't use an oil on the ends of my hair, you can notice any little split ends just sticking out. 

With my first order I opted for one of my "Goals" to reduce brassiness. you know that yellow tint you sometimes get as a blonde.. a purple shampoo will be you best friend. I changed it up on my second order because I still had a bit left and its still going now. so its safe to say that these will last you a while. obviously depending on your hair length and how much you wash your hair. I have relatively long hair and I wash my hair every 3-4 days or so. Sometimes sooner if I'm going out somewhere, typically even by the 4th day my hairs not doing too bad as long has I haven't touched it much. I have noticed that I can go longer between washes since using FOB and my hair tends to have a lot more bounce in it. My hair feels weightless after washes. Just clean and fresh and smells like Cherries. Which is a scent I go weak at the knees for. I love shampoo with scent that lingers, I like to be to get whiffs of it during the day and I sure do with FOB.

I use to find my hair would break a lot when brushing and it doesn't so much now which I fully believe is down to FOB along with few other little tricks I have my sleeve for over all hair care. I'll leave a list of my top hair care tips at the end. 

This duo come with the typical instructions: Shampoo, Lather with water before massaging into the scalp and the lengths of your hair using your fingers to distribute the product throughout your hair.  Rise and repeat. ( this is something that I do and really notice a difference in my hair, especially if I've used dry shampoo and products between washes which leaves a build up) 
Conditioner: Apply the conditioner to the ends working your way up the strands (I tend to avoid applying to the roots as this makes my hair greasy a lot quicker) Leave for 3-4 minuets. (or if you're like me then washing my hair is the first thing I do in the shower, so the conditioner is in my hair for how ever long it takes for me to wash and shave my legs.....

How cute are these little travel bottles though. When going on holiday I always end up buying mini bottles of everything because I didn't really want to buy those travel bottles you get from boots, they just seemed like a lot of faff and you'd never really get all of your product out, but these are silicone squeezy bottles and already pre labelled so you'll never be left wondering what's in what bottle because a sticker has come a bottle and because they're squeezy you'll get the best part of your product out which is a win win if you ask me. 

A few key things about the company that's good to know: 

100% Cruelty Free 

100% Vegan 

Sulfate Free 

Customised in the USA

Sustainably Focused 

And please allow time to appreciate how beautiful this little travel bag is for all those cute bottles to go in, they fit like a dream.  This little set also comes with those handy little hair bands that don't tear your hair to shreds. They're nice and soft and a good alternative to scrunchies.

I do not claim to be any kind of expert in hair care by any means, but I think I'm doing ok seeing as I only go to a hairdresser once a year if that.. 

My Top Hair Care Tips: 

Minimise how much you wash your hair, which I know is hard for some.  I have friends who wash their everyday and it kind of stresses me out. The oils that build up between washes help restore the hair and keep it healthy, I know it may not feel like it but it's helping swear. 

Make dry shampoo your bestie, this stuff is my holy grail hair care product. just when you think you can't go another day.. check again after using dry shampoo you may change your mind. and a added bonus it adds that little bit of extra volume to your hair that it may be lacking at this point. 

A good hair brush, In particular for me my Tangle Teezer brush. I absolutely love it. It's detangle wet brush so its great for the who can't bear not to brush their hair when it's wet, I am throughly against brushing my hair when its wet. Your hair is in a unbelievably delicate state when its wet so its best to be as careful as possible with you hair as this point, I typically don't do any thing with my hair when its wet. I just gently squeeze that excess water out of my hair and apply a Hair Oil to the ends of my hair - My favourite is the Aussie reconstructor oil  I've tried others in the past and I just always go back to this one every single time and I recommend when ever I can. 

Srunchies, Scrunchie and more Scrunchies, They are so much kinder to your hair than your typical hair band. Your hair is less likely to tangled around the band, scrunches are easer to remove from your hair wet or dry, and let's be honest they're super fucking cute. 



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