Hey there lovelies my name is Hannah and I'm 27, I live in Shropshire and I always have and more than likely always will. It's a beautiful little area on England. I have recently moved in with my partner and I'm loving every minute of it. 

A few of you may have read my blog before and few may be new around here, but that's ok. I'm having a little change up with my blog so your joining in at just about the right time. 

I started Hannah's Beautiful Life back 2016 as an outlet to share my thoughts on anything and everything lifestyle and beauty related, this is the sort of thing you can still expect from me with the added extra of home decor and interior bits here and there. These are all things that I love. 

Why Hannah's Beautiful Life you ask.. ? well I strongly believe that no matter how bad a day may seem, If you look hard enough you will always find something Beautiful in this life! And trust me on this one there is always something beautiful in every day, no matter how small. It's about learning to really appreciate the little things in life.  I started my blogging journey on the 1st January 2016, I took the leap of faith as a new years resolution, Im really not the best at being consistent with it and I'm not about to promise that I will be either. 

A little about me... When I finished school I went on to college to study Child Development, but I actually really wanted to study photography as that's always been something that I have loved . Ive been told that I have an eye for things, when in reality I just take a shit load of pictures until I find one that I like and managed to get the right angle. And sometimes that never happens so I just give up with that particular shot.. or is that just me?  Unfortunately I didn't quite have the grades that were needed to get me onto that course, I loved child development none the less and I left with a level 2 so I can be a teaching assistant if I ever want to take that path in life. and now I'm getting older I realise that quite a good little thing to have in my back pocket. 

I am a complete and utter tea addict.. I don't drink it for the caffeine boost I just LOVE tea, Best drink in the world if you ask me. Cold? have a cuppa.. sad? have a cuppa... happy? have cuppa.. it just fixes everything... I find my bank balance is constantly crying because I spend all my spare money on makeup, shinny things and mugs.. oh how I love me a good mug. I get easily distracted and procrastination is my favourite hobby. My all time favourite season is Autumn, how could it not be. The cool crisp air, the colours and cosy jumpers and boots with fluffy socks. 

I hope that when you read my blog you feel as though your speaking with a friend and feel like it is a safe space. I occasionally make jokes.. are they any good? probably not, Iv'e been told I have quite a sarcastic sense of humour. 

If you wish to contact me you can find me on Instagram HERE

See you around Lovely!! 



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